AMNESS offers training and coaching in Leadership, Entrepeneurship, and Personal Development.

AMNESS focuses on the individual, teams, and organizations, working from the essential to achieve tangible results.

AMNESS gives meaning, a sense of belonging, a deeper understanding, and inspiration to explore new ways.

AMNESS can break through unproductive convictions, behaviors and patterns.

AMNESS supports you, your team, and your organization on the road to High Performance.



“All that is every present is I AMness. The feeling awareness of I AMness
is still present. That sense of AMness is an on-going
self-knowing, self-recognizing, self-validity I AMness

Ken Wilber



Training and coaching

‘ Leadership is the courage to act authentically ’


High Performance Leadership
You feel the pressure rising. You have to achieve more results sometimes even with fewer people. Work even harder? Even harder management? That is not the solution. But what then? How can you get the best out of yourself and others to achieve high performance?

  • Realize a positive, safe and result-oriented atmosphere in your team
  • Develop a leadership style that is both human and task oriented
  • Understand, value and inspire your employees
  • Recognize emotions and know how to handle them well
  • Develop ‘High Performance Competences’
  • Open program:

    Personal Leadership
    What motivates you in the way you lead yourself and others? What are your values, your passions, your ambitions? Do you know where you stand in your personal and professional life? And most of all, is this where you want to be? Based on Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, this training will help you to evaluate your mission, adjust your course, and increase your effectiveness. You will learn to apply these seven habits on your way to a more successful and meaningful life.

    Leadership for Life
    This training offers a synthesis of both the Personal Leadership and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership courses and connects them with the latest developments in leadership techniques. In a series of meetings with inspiring people, you will explore new work methods, expand your knowledge and update your emotional intelligence. You will then integrate these experiences in your leadership style and apply them in both your private and work life.

    Team Training
    What transforms a team into a top team? How do you bring a group of very different individuals together and have them work together, successfully? AMNESS combines her experience in coaching high-level sports teams with her expertise in Emotional Intelligence, Personal Leadership, and group dynamics to build strong, high-performance teams.

    Career Coaching and Job Coaching

    Are you ready for the next step in your career? Do circumstances require that you look elsewhere for work? Or do you wish to improve the way you function in your current position and increase your impact? AMNESS will help you break existing patterns and explore new paths so you can regain your energy and make the right choices.

    In-company Program and Customized Trainings: contact us



     Flow for Entrepeneurs
    “Happiness is the result of a life that is lived to the fullest; when you live your life in full you will no longer be concerned about your happiness”

    What is Flow and how do you arrive at this high performance dynamic for yourself, your team, and your organization? Especially in times of crisis it is important to be resilient; to find new opportunities; challenge yourself. This will provide the positive energy to attain optimal achievements and the highest results.

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    FLOW: How can your reach “High Performance”?

    We’ve all had flow experiences: we feel strong, alert, able to work fluently; we feel a sense of mastery—and able to perform at our best. For the time being we forget our problems, and are able to step outside of ourselves and work unselfconsciously. Flow is an “optimal experience”: a state of intense concentration that gives enormous satisfaction. When we reach the high-performance state of flow, it seems like everything happens automatically. In this workshop, based on the work by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, you will learn what flow is, and how it can work for you, your team, and your organization.

    Goal: To challenge yourself to create a state of flow for yourself and your team.

    Duration: 1 or 2 half days

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    Best Year Yet
    “The problem is not that we don’t know what to do, but that we simply don’t do it.” Peter F. Drucker

    Best Year Yet was developed especially to coach managers and employees to realize their best year ever. It is geared to reach concrete results. The program is based on a simple yet powerful concept: What if the next year could be your best year yet? How would that feel? What would you have reached? How would this impact your health, your motivation, your work life, and your personal life?

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    Best Year Yet: The approach:
    By guiding participants through ten significant questions we will outline a personal plan for the coming year.

    We will analyze both successes and disappointments from the past and draw up three positive guidelines to follow during the year. We then find new ways to think positively about yourself: the so-called paradigm shift. Considering relevant roles and values, we will list the top ten goals for the next 12 months and translate those into specific steps to implement. Finally, we will make a support plan to help make this your best year yet.
    *Best Year Yet is ideally suited as an inspiring start of the new year, or to kick off a fresh beginning or create a new challenge.
    Year Yet can be adapted for teams, either at the formation of a new team, or to give a team a new start.

    Goal: Increase the effectiveness of yourself, your employees, or your team. Focus on realizing the main goals to make this your best year ever.

    Duration: 1 half day

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    Control Your Emotions
    How can you turn your emotions to good use, instead of experiencing them as a nuisance? Can you strike the right balance between thinking and feeling? In this workshop, we give you the insight to recognize your emotions. Next, you will learn how to use these emotions: yours and those of the people around you, whether it be your colleagues’, your boss’, or even your children’s. You will learn to surf the waves of emotions, and to apply emotion management appropriately. This will give you control over your emotions and help you to channel them to have the desired effect.

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    Control Your Emotions is a fast-track version of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership program offered through De Baak.

    This workshop characterizes the different emotions and offers ways to apply them effectively. We will develop your awareness of your own emotions and of those of others around you. You will learn how to be an emotionally intelligent leader, both for others and for yourself. Rather than emotions being an obstacle, they will help you to become more successful—and be a happier person.
    Control Your Emotions can be tailor-made for your team, your organization, or for any group of people.

    Duration: 1 or 2 half days

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    CV and References

     ‘to inspire you must be inspired’

    AMNESS was founded in 2003 by Annemiek Moeskops.
    Annemiek works with other professionals and trainers to deliver optimal results. Through a positive approach she creates an authentic connection with her clients. Focusing on the essential and identifying the core issues, she works towards concrete and meaningful results for individuals, groups, and organizations. She derives her ultimate satisfaction from attaining the results promised and targets set, as well as a process that is smooth and pleasant.
    Combining years of experience coaching top athletes and Olympic teams with her expertise as a leadership trainer, Annemiek offers training and coaching programs at the highest professional level. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, specializing in leadership development. She has been a regular trainer and developer of innovative leadership programs at de Baak Management Center since 1998.

    *Education and Certificates

    The Netherlands:
    -Bachelors Degree in Sports Economics (University of Amsterdam)                 

    -Masters Degree in Economics, (University of Amsterdam)
     Thesis: ‘Leadership in Development’
    -The Leadership Circle (de Baak)
    -Train the Trainer  (de Baak)
    -The Advanced Leadership Program, (de Baak)
    -Personal Leadership (de Baak)
    -Managing People (de Baak)
    -Leadership for Managers (de Baak)
    -Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
    -Leadership, Peer Consultancy and Coaching (de Baak)
    -RET training (Schouten en Nelissen)
    -MBTI and LSI (de Baak)
    -Gestalt Training  (Multidimens)

    In Belgium

    - Personal Development, Coaching & Counseling and Group Dynamics
    -Breathing & Relaxation Counseling (Geert Devriendt)
    -Coaching Program (School voor Coaching)
    -EQ-itest Certification (Pen-psychodiagnostics)

    In the USA
    -Best Year Yet Certification (J. Ditzler, San Francisco)
    -Franchise Certification (J. Ditzler, San Francisco)
    -Enneagram Certification (Helen Palmer, San Francisco)
    -MSCEIT Certification (Caruso & Salovey at Yale
     University,  New Haven)


    Client List
    ABN AMRO WCS IT                                                                   
    Bovemij Verzekeringen
    Codex Stibbe
    De Baak Management Centrum
    De Beukelaar Groep
    Delta Lloyd
    Gemeente Apeldoorn
    Gemeente Deventer
    Gemeente Rotterdam
    Gemeente Wijk bij Duurstede
    Generali Verzekeringsgroep
    Govers Accountants/Adviseurs
    Lankhorst Euronete GroupNatura Artis Magistra
    Noordwijkse Ondernemers Vereniging
    OM Ressortsparket Amsterdam
    Politie Amsterdam-Amstelland
    Politie Noord- en Oost-Gelderland
    Politie Rotterdam-Rijnmond
    Politie Zuid-Holland-Zuid
    Provincie Utrecht
    RTL Nederland
    Raad voor de Kinderbescherming
    TBI Holding
    TCN Property Project
    Van der Meij Advocaten

     She made a deep impression on me with her energetic, yet calm personality, her relevant knowledge, insight and experience, her clear perception, careful analysis and personal feedback, both one-on-one and in a group setting.” 

    Joep Snieders
    Group Controller Gamma Holding N.V.

    I’ve worked with Annemiek Moeskops in my capacity as Secretary & General Director of the Province of Utrecht. She and her co-trainer took charge of the leadership program for all the managers here in an excellent way.” 

    D“Annemiek’s broad experience and her sharp intuition—call it emotional intelligence if you like—always give her approach an unexpected touch. You find yourself much further along in the evening than you could have hoped for that same morning …

    Herman Sietsma
    Consultant Publiek Domein


    I first met Annemiek at the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership course at de Baak, and later approached her for personal coaching. She has an effective way of showing why we react instinctively in a certain way and using this to create new openings. Annemiek proved to be an involved and emotionally intelligent coach

    Reinier Gerrits
    Energy an Climate manager at VNCI

    “I found the Personal Leadership training to be extremely useful. Annemiek is a very pleasant trainer who has the ability to create a good and open atmosphere in the group in a very short time. She is involved in and connected to the group and challenges everyone needs to get the most out of themselves. She can be very open and is really flexible. She adapts the program to the group’s needs and, as a group—and as individuals in the group—we made some real steps forward .”

    Mirjam Mos
    Branch Manager at ABN AMRO Bank


    I hope many men and women will have a chance to experience during the training what it is like to grow by just being yourself. It made me feel in touch, and gave me space and relief. I felt in touch with myself, with who I am, and with the experience of how my qualities have developed. I felt a sense of space, because I created an opportunity for myself to do the things that give me energy. I felt relief when I noticed that my best leadership skills emerge when I can give meaning to my life and my qualities. 
    Discovering this, and allowing myself to feel this in a training filled with knowledge, expertise, and respect for everyone,  Is what I consider the best chance I have been able to “cash in on.” Like no one else, Annemiek knows how to listen, interpret, and probe deeper—to create the chances and opportunities for me and my co-participants .”

    Carry Roozemond
    President at Ingrado

    Phone: +31 (0) 6 551 580 68
    KvK: 53 09 22 79